How To Build A Great Brand For Your Business This 2014

build a great brand 2014

One of the unique traits of most successful business owners or entrepreneurs in this jet age is that unique ability to quickly spot trends before they emerge and see the opportunities ahead of everyone else. They also have the ability to follow a cause through in the process of building an organization that’s very flexible to the daily demands of an ever changing market.

This is a very unique feature and characteristic in most competitive industries such that the pace and frequency of disruptions is often baffling even to the most experienced managers in these industries who fail to adapt their systems to these sorts of changes.

This year will be no different as the level of competition for market share and brand awareness will even get higher amongst businesses in the same industries vying for the same consumers.

The degree of your successes will simply be dependent on your market experience, business know how and attention to little details like the ones we’ve listed above. All these are required if you will love to successfully drive your brand in the marketplace, develop better strategies, wow your clients and enhance your entire operations.

Here are five major areas of your business you should develop or focus on to build a better brand for your business this 2014.


Joint Venture Collaborations

Most businesses all over the world are gradually pulling away from the era of competition to powerful collaboration and this year will be no different.

If you want to establish your organization as a market brand, then you’ll do well to seek out partner organizations in other industries whom you can work with together in areas like the Research, marketing joint Product creation and development, industry collaborations and sharing of ideas.

When you seal the right deal with the right JV partner, it creates a win-win situation for all parties involved, increases turnover and above all further establishes your brands in the marketplace.

Product Creation, Development And Service Delivery

Everyone in business should always strive to be the best in this aspect of business within their industry as this offers you a huge opportunity to create a successful brand for your business in the marketplace.

When you develop a great service or product and build a very unique system to deliver these services or products to the people (your clients) who use them, it always helps in increasing your overall market share while boosting the success rate of your entire marketing campaigns and best branding efforts.

All consumers are self-centered and only bothered by what your products can do for them. You’ll have a winning product once, you can develop a product that readily appeals to the emotional and psychological side of prospective consumers or clients thus driving them emotionally to buy or connect with your product.

This 2014 and the near future will be no different, when you always focus your efforts on churning out products that resonates with the highest expectation of your target markets, the emotional needs and yearnings of consumers within your chosen industry, you will have succeeded in building a great brand for your business.

Retail Market Opportunities

If you’re in an industry that has to do with retailing of products, then by all means strive to be the best in this aspect of your business. Retail Market opportunities often offer businesses the best opportunity to meet and connect with consumers who end up using their products at the lower end of the market.

Aside the direct opportunities you get to sell, meet and interact, build personal relationships or connect with the users of your brands, you also get the added advantage of free inputs and help in the development of new products.

User experiences helped in the development of most of the innovative technological products we see in the world today – touch screens, 4G phones, Wi-Fi e.t.c, you name them. None of these products will have been invented without these processes.

British branding and design guru Paul Bennett explains that design doesn’t have to be about grand gestures, but can solve small, universal and overlooked problems. Ted Talks

Brand & Market Communication

This is one aspect many small businesses often miss it in the theory quest to establish their brands in the market. They fail to engage or maintain close contact with their target markets regularly about their business offerings and as a result are missing out on huge opportunities that could make a visible impact on their revenues.

If you want to build a big brand for your business this 2014, then you need to communicate with your target markets and prospects on a regular business and technology has made it quite easy for anyone to do that. You also need to be the BEST at doing this to reap the best rewards.

One good medium you can use is a corporate blog for your business as it you the chance to speak to your audience. These days, this has gone beyond just writing keyword rich articles about your products, business or marketing campaigns all the time.

Big brands always have relevant contents – unique contents they develop that helps them share the stories behind their business and products in an entertaining atmosphere.

You need to focus on developing unique brands and user based experiences that often engage your clients, captures their attention and helps you build a loyal online community that gets to rely on you to entertain and provide life changing products and services when they need it. But this begins with a story!


Customer Relationships & Management

You need to be the best in your industry at this aspect of your business if you want to build a great brand this 2014.

When you develop a customer satisfaction driven organization with the help of your IT service provider that helps in creating a unique customer experience in your business, then you’ll have successfully built a long lasting brand in the market.

It has often been said that the customer is king and businesses that focus on this aspect of their businesses are often rewarded with loyal clients who then grow to become huge fans and even reward such organizations with referrals and repeat businesses.

Keeping Up With 2014’s Personal Branding Trends

personal branding 2014

The personal branding industry has experienced a lot of changes during the first half of the year 2014. What used to be considered rules have been broken in most cases, or at least rewritten to adapt with the times. Here are some of the developments so far, that may help you keep up with the changes.

1. Social Media Profiles

As opposed to recent years where social media platforms were purely for entertainment purposes, 2014 has witnessed the same grow to an ultimate personal branding avenue. This can partly be attributed to upgrades made by popular social media houses (Twitter and Facebook) in a bid to compete with LinkedIn. The other reason is probably because employers have recently been keen on potential employees’ profiles, status updates and tweets.

It is therefore important for you to clean your social media profile if you hope to stand any chances. If your profile is hard to clean, open a new account and make it look more professional. This is probably the most important step, since all the succeeding trends mentioned here depend on it fully.

personal branding

2. Build on Your Skill Set

In order to stay competitive in any market, it is important that you regularly update your skills. What you learned in college, or your first year of work, is probably outdated by now. Hence, you need to actively engage research on the latest trends in order to survive. There are thousands of information sources and free certification programs for new skills as well. If you happen to take one and succeed, don’t hesitate to boost your social media status by displaying it publicly.

3. Engage in Video Promotion

Promotional videos qualify to be the third trend of 2014. High end technological mobile devices have enabled people to take short video clips, then uploading them online using specialized apps such as YouTube Video Uploader for IPhones, and android-OS. The video could be a press release, a narrated biography, and so on.

For this strategy to work in your favor, it must be of very high picture quality. This can be achieved using high resolution cameras, and professional video editing. Also, the message being conveyed in the video must have the appropriate emotion, tone and both verbal and body posture.

Emerging personal branding trends are not limited to the short list discussed above. There are other countless trends that will be covered later on. Read More: Design and Branding Tips

Check out this infographics from Placester (Personal Branding A – Z )

14 Top Branding and Design Trends For 2014


Predicting the future is hard, which is why the world-famous management expert Peter Drucker suggested the best way of predicting the future is to create it. Still, if you want to create it right, it’s a good idea to start off with a solid foundation of good information to clue you in on future trends. According to Brand Keys, a branding consultancy out of New York, after surveying more than 100,000 consumers they were able to identify 14 big trends for 2014 that will drive branding and design. Here they are:

1. Consumers Will Expect More

Consumer expectations have jumped an average of 20{309cbce169763960c9b9c1d38c691c00900b4b64ac91bc4a93dea7831868323b} in the last 5 years. This ought to be a double wake-up call for marketers, since it also turns out brands have only kept up by 5{309cbce169763960c9b9c1d38c691c00900b4b64ac91bc4a93dea7831868323b}. This means there’s a major gap between what companies are delivering and what consumers are desiring… which also makes for big opportunities if you can find them.

2. Pay Attention To Your Brand, Or Else

As consumer expectations rise, the risk of your service or product being commoditized rises too. Just being widely known isn’t enough. You also have to be known for something important and meaningful to your customers. Personal Branding for managers and public figures in your organization is also very important.

3. Brand Category Is The New King

Starting in 2014, brands will have to stop trading off their category-specific elements to get cross-category generalities. This applies everywhere they target and execute media and content. In order to engage smarter consumers who have higher expectations than ever, brands will have to be much smarter about leveraging specific category values themselves.

4. Branding Goes Emotional

2014 will see the brand decision process becoming much more emotionally-driven. For most market categories, rational aspects just represent the price of entry. A really successful brand will identify the emotional values which characterize their category, and use these as a foundation to create meaningful differentiation.

5. Engagement Must Be Defined Properly

People have viewed engagement as linked to attention levels for too long. Instead, good marketers will associate brand engagement with overall brand perception — measuring how their efforts change their brand relative to the category ideal, and using metrics which correlate to a high degree with sales, profitability, and loyalty.

6. Targeting Will Become Personal

Now that consumers expect and crave customized, personal versions of experiences, services, and products, brands which respond effectively to consumer expectations will personalize their messaging and outreach. They’ll find customization-oriented consumers engaging much better with these elements.

7. Digital Will Be Done Right

Now that digital diversification has grown up and a multiplicity of channels become the norm, brands find they need to shift their internal logic from “do I want to be here?” and instead ask themselves, “what should we do here?” Success in the new environment isn’t so much about outreach as it is about emotional engagement and brand differentiation.

8. Content is Still King

Content marketing is becoming a whole new specialty. New tools are optimizing placement and helping brands see the key differences between using owned, paid, and earned media. All of these are important to understand when looking at contextual relevance and steering a brand through the digital space.

9. Mobile Optimization Is Now Mainstream

For 2014, brands simply must adopt strategies as well as content delivery mechanisms that fit with increased levels of consumer multi-screen behavior and multi-tasking.

10. Quality Visual Content is Key

As consumers become more visually literate, they’re responding ever more to brands that make image-based connections. Visual content is becoming ever more important in crafting viral marketing, and brands are finding they need to pay close attention to image-sharing platforms and initiatives.

11. Micro Videos Go Mainstream

Micro videos are rising in popularity. Rather than looking at the number of views, metrics will move towards measuring real engagement. As a result, look for more 6 and 12 second videos that accommodate limited-bandwidth digital delivery and ever-shorter attention spans.

12. More Integration

Watch for digital and brand marketing teams to move together, fusing budgets and working cross-silo. Multi-platform models necessitate integration of social media with all marketing programs.

13. Less Big Data, More Useful Data

Integration and streamlining of data aggregations across traditional and digital media will help brands separate out the data they need from the noise they don’t. Big Data will shrink and shrivel, becoming more useful in the process.

14. A Flatter Funnel

The old purchase funnel, now known as the path to purchase, will adapt to each category and become a view of multiple paths to purchase. Communicating value and content on the right platforms, done in the right way, will become the main way of driving emotional engagement and sales.