Keeping Up With 2014’s Personal Branding Trends

personal branding 2014

The personal branding industry has experienced a lot of changes during the first half of the year 2014. What used to be considered rules have been broken in most cases, or at least rewritten to adapt with the times. Here are some of the developments so far, that may help you keep up with the changes.

1. Social Media Profiles

As opposed to recent years where social media platforms were purely for entertainment purposes, 2014 has witnessed the same grow to an ultimate personal branding avenue. This can partly be attributed to upgrades made by popular social media houses (Twitter and Facebook) in a bid to compete with LinkedIn. The other reason is probably because employers have recently been keen on potential employees’ profiles, status updates and tweets.

It is therefore important for you to clean your social media profile if you hope to stand any chances. If your profile is hard to clean, open a new account and make it look more professional. This is probably the most important step, since all the succeeding trends mentioned here depend on it fully.

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2. Build on Your Skill Set

In order to stay competitive in any market, it is important that you regularly update your skills. What you learned in college, or your first year of work, is probably outdated by now. Hence, you need to actively engage research on the latest trends in order to survive. There are thousands of information sources and free certification programs for new skills as well. If you happen to take one and succeed, don’t hesitate to boost your social media status by displaying it publicly.

3. Engage in Video Promotion

Promotional videos qualify to be the third trend of 2014. High end technological mobile devices have enabled people to take short video clips, then uploading them online using specialized apps such as YouTube Video Uploader for IPhones, and android-OS. The video could be a press release, a narrated biography, and so on.

For this strategy to work in your favor, it must be of very high picture quality. This can be achieved using high resolution cameras, and professional video editing. Also, the message being conveyed in the video must have the appropriate emotion, tone and both verbal and body posture.

Emerging personal branding trends are not limited to the short list discussed above. There are other countless trends that will be covered later on. Read More: Design and Branding Tips

Check out this infographics from Placester (Personal Branding A – Z )

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